Spamming problem

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Spamming problem

Post  Zak506 on Wed Aug 06, 2008 10:26 pm

It has been brought to my attention (i noticed it too) that people are spamming almost non-stop. Its mostly our new members *Glares at new members* but some of our old members have been caught up in the spam parties *glares at old members* As a result there will be harsher penalties for Spamming...

Minor spamming: A warning and possibly 1 day ban

Moderate spamming: 2-4 day banning

Massive spamming: 5 day banning or permanent removal

This may be harsh but its all i can do to stop this, thats why i made the chat section you guys could get all of the randomness out of your systems.

Most of the spamming is in the "new member spot" *glares at new members* Guys all you need to do is say "Welcome to the clan" or "Nice to have you" but you guys are getting so off topic and random (I know some of you are "famous" for being random, that will not stand anymore) I know i haven't exactly been "spam free" myself so, sorry if i seem hypocritical.

I'm trying to be fair but you guys are starting to take it too far, so now i have to be strict.


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