You guys are gettin carried away

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You guys are gettin carried away

Post  Zak506 on Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:42 pm

RANKS: Raven you are the one who introduced it right? ok and then everybody (except me) said YEAH LETS DO IT!!! and now you guys are wanting special avatars and sigs and special permissions...(I for one like my siggy and avvy) IF we have ranks they will be decided/issued by me, and they will wait untill AQW and i actually see how you guys work as a group/alone. I'm not saying we won't do the ranks but i think we should do the whole "everybody is equal" (yes i know some people are still gonna be mods and stuff and not everybody will be equal)

My decision: Ranks, not likely.

remember you can always pm me about any of my announcements What a Face


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