Mage stat/skill build

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Mage stat/skill build

Post  draggonboy13 on Sun Oct 19, 2008 5:06 pm

starting roll
* STR: 4
* DEX: 4
* INT: *
* LUK: *

STR and DEX should be as low as possible, preferably a 4 in each, though up to dual 5 or 6/4 is acceptable. INT and LUK are the main stats for the Magician, and as long as STR and DEX is 4/4, it doesn't matter what INT and LUK are.

LUK is only used for the Mage as a requirement to wear most Mage-specific equipment, with the usual requirement of LUK being 3 points above the equipment's level. When you get to lvl ten make sure your LUK is 13 and to get your LUK to be as the description below, at every 5th level put all points into LUK and at the other levels put them into INT

* Level 10 -> 13 LUK
* Level 33 -> 36 LUK
* Level 50 -> 53 LUK

INT is the Mage's main damage stat, as it determines the character's Magic Attack. Also, it increases the Magic Defense of the character as well. All points not spent on LUK should be put in INT, as the other stats do not help Magicians AT ALL!

and skill build...I would like to note lvls 1-8 are slow...lvls 13-22 are slower...but you'll be happy with the outcome
The following skill build is recommended from the Magician's start. This is the most commonly used build.

* 1 Energy Bolt (1)
* 5 Improving MP Recovery (5)
* 10 Improving Max MP Increase (MAX)
* 11 Improving MP Recovery (MAX)
* 20 Magic Claw (MAX)
* 20 Magic Guard (MAX)

With this build, Magic Claw can be maxed before finishing Improving MP Recovery (but after Max MP Increase), if you can afford the potion cost. Although higher level Magic Claw is better for faster training. <----stick with the above thing for more mesos...if you train magic claw before recovery you'll be hurting



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