The annals of MapleStory

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The annals of MapleStory

Post  draggonboy13 on Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:48 pm

Hehe, I love this game so much. I plan on writing a story based off our characters in Maplestory and what we do.

I'll briefly (HA! FUNNY JOKE) sum up everything that happened since i started, to the point that Nat joined.

I awoke after a long flight, and a woman pushed me onto a balcony where I found an axe and this book. Within the first two pages were notes from a wise magician, one whom the world acclaims as a great ancient hero. I decided to take those notes and become the world's best Healer. And then training started. -scribbled note: The greatest Magicians have the worst time in training-
The woman had returned and handed me a stupidly designed costume, that of a seedling, and pushed me through doors. I met several people whom taught me many skills, though for what use I needed them I'll never know. I moved down the great tree and eventually came to the exit. I had watched fellow travellers pass by me at extreme speeds due to their strength but as they got stronger I got smarter, awaiting my time to outshine them all.
Upon exiting training I ran into several snail -note: Snails are a formidable opponent when you have no strength- Fighting and observing their weakness I moved up, still slowly but steadily approaching the shores of Maple island. I also discovered that snail shells make great projectiles when fighting enemies beyond my strength. -note: snail shells are good, blue are better, red are the best but it takes strength to take down a Red snail- I eventually arrived at the local town and ran into a local handy man.
He wanted help with recycling old boxes, and I was more than happy to help. I collected the required pieces of wood, and even a few screws and returned them to him. He thanked me and I wandered around town and ran into the local chief who asked if I could go to victoria and ask someone to help train the New adventurers, he even gave me a free ticket to Victoria -note: people tend to give out great gifts when asking big favors-. I accepted and started to leave for Lith harbor, and wouldn't you know it? I ran into the handy man, and he gave me a chair he had built out of the recycled goods.
And with these gifts I fought my way to Lith and to the sea. I arrived after the eigth day (currently day=level, 25-150=week, and 150-200=months) of my travels -note: why is it that prospective magicians who spend more time training seem to spend less time on the island? Is it the magic within them or the need for power?- and set off for Victoria


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